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The table below lists all the currently available application notes and indicates which devices the documents are relevant to.
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Please note that application notes are listed as being relevant to families of devices:

Number Title Revision Relevant Devices Release Date
AN_100 Using the FT232R/FT245R with an External Crystal or Oscillator 1.2 FT232R, FT245R 01-08-2011
AN_101 Submitting Modified FTDI Drivers for Windows Hardware Certification 4.1 All FT devices 03-05-2013
AN_102 Data-Logging Using the Vinculum VNC1L 2.0 VNC1L 28-08-2008
AN_105 FTDI Device EEPROM Programming Using Vinculum VNC1L 1.0 All FT devices 23-09-2008
AN_106 Interfacing to a USB Printer using Vinculum VNC1L Host Controller 1.0 VNC1L 24-11-2008
AN_107 Advanced Driver Options 2.53 FT2232H, FT4232H,
FT232R, FT245R,
FT232B, FT245B
AN_108 Command Processor For MPSSE and MCU Host Bus Emulation Modes 1.5 FT2232H, FT4232H, FT2232, FT232H 09-09-2011
AN_110 Programmers Guide for High Speed FTCJTAG DLL 1.2 FT2232H, FT4232H, FT2232 18-03-2009
AN_112 VNC1L Data Transfer Speeds 1.0 VNC1L 16-02-2009
AN_113 Interfacing FT2232H Hi-Speed Devices To I2C Bus 1.2 FT2232H 26-05-2020
AN_114 Interfacing FT2232H Hi-Speed Devices To SPI Bus 1.1 FT2232H 08-08-2012
AN_116 FTDI Devices Tape, Reel, Tray & Tube Dimensions 2.3 All devices 24-08-2022
AN_118 Migrating Vinculum Designs from VNC1L to VNC2-48L1C 1.4 VNC2-48L1C 29-03-2022
AN_120 Aliasing VCP Baud Rates 1.2 All FT devices 13-06-2016
AN_121 Accessing The EEPROM User Area Of FTDI Devices 1.0 All FT devices 04-09-2009
AN_123 How COM Ports Are Allocated On Driver Installation 1.0 All FT devices 27-08-2009
AN_124 User Guide For FTDI FT_Prog Utility 1.6 FT232R, FT245R, FT2232D, FT2232C, FT2232L, FT232B, FT245B, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT4222H, VNC1, VNC2 06-04-2016
AN_126 User Guide For FT232B/R Factory Test Utility
1.0 FT232B, FT232R 20-10-2009
AN_127 User Guide For FT2232H/D Factory Test Utility
1.0 FT2232H, FT2232D 20-10-2009
AN_128 User Guide For FT4232H Factory Test Utility 1.0 FT4232H 20-10-2009
AN_129 Interfacing FT2232H Hi-Speed Devices to a JTAG TAP 1.1 FT2232H, FT232H 02-09-2011
AN_130 FT2232H Used In An FT245 Style Synchronous FIFO Mode 1.3 FT2232H 17-11-2015
AN_131 FT2232D/H Fast Opto-Isolated Serial Interface Mode 1.0 FT2232D, FT2232H 21-10-2009
AN_132 Re-Assigning COM Port Numbers Using the Windows Registry 1.1 All FT devices 27-04-2016
AN_133 D2XX Access Using PERL Interface PERL 5.0 Programmers Guide 1.0 All FT devices 10-11-2009
AN_135 MPSSE Basics 1.1 FT2232D, FT2232H, FT4232H 12-03-2020
AN_136 Hi-Speed Mini Module EEPROM Disaster Recovery 1.0 FT2232H, FT4232H 17-02-2010
AN_137 Vinculum-II IO Cell Description 1.0 VNC2 19-02-2010
AN_138 Vinculum-II Debug Interface Description 2.0 VNC2 14-10-2011
AN_139 Vinculum-II IO Mux Explained 1.0 VNC2 19-02-2010
AN_140 Vinculum-II PWM Example 1.1 VNC2 25-03-2010
AN_141 MorphLd and MorphIO-II Utilities for Morph-IC-II 1.0 Morph-IC-II 20-08-2010
AN_142 Vinculum-II Tool Chain Getting Started Guide 1.2.0 VNC2 18-08-2010
AN_143 Auto Sensing And Isolation Design For RS232/RS422/RS485 Interfaces 1.1 VNC2, FT2232H, FT4232H, VNC1L, FT232R, FT245R, FT2232D, FT2232C, FT2232L, FT232B, FT245B 17-08-2015
AN_144 VINCULUM-II IO_Mux Configuration Utility User Guide 1.0 VNC2 11-05-2010
AN_145 Vinculum-II Toolchain Installation Guide 1.0 VNC2 26-05-2010
AN_146 USB Hardware Design Guidelines for FTDI ICs 1.1 VNC2, FT2232H, FT4232H, VNC1L, FT232R, FT245R, FT2232D, FT2232C, FT2232L, FT232B, FT245B 01-11-2013
AN_147 Vinculum-II Using Bulk Only Mass Storage (BOMS) Class Devices Example 1.0 VNC2 11-06-2010
AN_148 Vinculum-II Using USB Still Image Capture Devices 1.0 VNC2 14-06-2010
AN_149 Upgrading a passive DB9 RS232 Interface to an active USB Interface using an FTDI DB9-USB-RS232 Module 1.1 DB9-USB-RS232 12-10-2010
AN_150 A Comparison between MORPHIC-1K and Morph-IC-II FPGA Development Modules 1.2.0 Morph-IC-II 20-08-2010
AN_151 Vinculum II User Guide 2.0.0 VNC2 08-05-2011
AN_152 Detecting USB Device Insertion and Removal 1.1 All FT devices 20-09-2010
AN_153 Vinco LCD Interface Example 2.0 Vinco 15-04-2011
AN_154 Vinculum-II Webcam Application for Windows 1.0 VNC2 14-10-2010
AN_155 Vinculum-II SD Card Example 1.2 VNC2 14-12-2010
AN_156 Vinculum II ProgLoader and BootLoader Explained 1.0 VNC2 29-10-2010
AN_157 Vinculum II Memory Management 1.2 VNC2 26-11-2010
AN_158 Vinculum-II Webcam Application Using OLED Display 1.0 VNC2 01-11-2010
AN_159 Vinculum-II Firmware Flash Programming 2.0 VNC2 08-12-2011
AN_160 ComPort Assignment Utility User Guide 1.0 All devices 23-11-2010
AN_161 Vinco Graphics Display Example 2.0 VNC2, Vinco 15-04-2011
AN_162 Vinco Volt Meter Example 2.0 VNC2, Vinco 15-04-2010
AN_163 Vinculum-II USB Slave Detecting Disconnect 1.0 VNC2 13-11-2010
AN_164 Vinculum-II USB Slave Writing a Function Driver 1.0 VNC2 15-03-2011
AN_165 Establishing Synchronous 245 FIFO Communications using a Morph-IC-II 1.1 Morph-IC-II, FT2232H and FT232H 26-06-2012
AN_167 FT1248 Dynamic Parallel/Serial Interface Basics 1.1 FT232H 09-05-2018
AN_168 Vinculum-II USB Slave Customizing an FT232 Device 1.0 VNC2 04-02-2011
AN_169 Vinculum-II RTOS Using the Kernel Diagnostic Service 1.0 VNC2 17-02-2011
AN_170 Using the FTDI Vinco_Libraries 2.1 Vinco, VNC2 20-07-2011
AN_171 Vinculum-II USB Host Using the CDC Driver 1.0 VNC2 17-02-2011
AN_172 Vinculum-II Using the USB Slave Driver 1.0 VNC2 15-03-2011
AN_173 Establishing FT1248 Communications using a Morph-IC-II 1.1 Morph-IC-II, FT2232H and FT232H 26-06-2012
AN_174 Determining USB Peripheral Device Class 1.0 VNC1L, VNC2 23-05-2011
AN_175 Battery Charger Detection over USB with FT-X Devices 1.1 FT-X 07-07-2016
AN_176 Vinculum Comparison of VDAP versus V2DAP 1.0 VNC1L, VNC2 22-06-2011
AN_177  User Guide For LibMPSSE-I2C 1.5 FT2232D, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT232H 27-05-2020
AN_178 User Guide For LibMPSSE-SPI 1.2 FT2232D, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT232H 18-08-2023
AN_179 Wireless Data Transfers Using Vinculum-II 1.0 VNC2 17-08-2011
AN_180 FT232H MPSSE Example – USB Current Meter using the SPI Interface 1.0 FT232H 17-10-2011
AN_181 Accessing Android Open Accessory Mode with Vinculum-II 1.0 VNC2 22-08-2011
AN_182 Vinculum-II UART to FT232Host Bridge 1.0 VNC2 02-11-2011
AN_183 Vinculum-II UART to CDCModem Host Bridge 1.0 VNC2 02-11-2011
AN_184 FTDI Device Input Output pin States 3.5 FT232R, FT245R, FT232H, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT2232D, FT200XD, FT201X, FT220X, FT221X, FT230X, FT234XD, FT231X, FT240X, FT120, FT121, FT122, FT313H, FT4222H & FT260 21-11-2023
AN_185 Vinculum-II UART to HID Class Host Bridge 1.0 VNC2 02-11-2011
AN_186 VNC2 SPI to USB Memory Bridge 1.0 Vinculum-II 11-11-2011
AN_187 Vinculum-II UART to USB Memory Bridge 1.0 VNC2 02-11-2011
AN_188 C232HM MPSSE Cable in USB to SPI Interface 1.0 FT232H 17-10-2011
AN_189 Vinculum-II Using the LFAT Driver 1.1 VNC2 05-04-2016
AN_190 C232HM MPSSE Cable in USB to I2C/SMBUS interface 1.0 FT232H 05-04-2016
AN_191 Vinculum-II Interrupts 1.0 VNC2 22-06-2016
AN_192 Vinculum-II SPI Master to FT232Device Bridge 1.0 VNC2 13-12-2011
AN_193 VNC2 SPI Master to USB HID Class Host Bridge 1.0 Vinculum-II 11-11-2011
AN_194 Vinculum-II UART to USB HID Class Device Bridge 1.0 VNC2 13-12-2011
AN_195 Vinculum-II UART to SPI Master Bridge 1.0 Vinculum-II 15-11-2011
AN_196 Accessing Android Open Accessory Mode with Vinco Development Platform 1.0 Vinculum-II 20-01-2012
AN_197 FT232 Emulation with a Vinculum-II 1.0 Vinculum-II 20-12-2011
AN_199 Vinculum-II SPI Slave to USB HID Class Device Bridge 1.0 VNC2 13-12-2011
AN_201 FT-X MTP memory Configuration 2.0 FT-X 18-12-2013
AN_202 VNC2 Android Robotic ARM Demo Guide 1.0 VNC2 09-02-2012
AN_203 Loading VNC2 ROM files Using V2PROG Utility 1.1 VNC2 21-02-2012
AN_206 FT1248 1-BIT SPI 1.0 FT-X 09-02-2012
AN_207 USB-DUO 1.0 FT3243 06-06-2013
AN_208 FT31xD_Demo_APK_User_Guide 1.4 FT311/FT312D 21-08-2023
AN_209 PDIUSBD12 to FT120 Migration Guide 1.1 FT120 14-12-2012
AN_212 User Guide for FT311 Configuration Utility 1.0 FT311D 07-01-2013
AN_216 AN_216 Using the FT230X to Design a GPS Dongle 1.1 FT230X 09-09-2013
AN_220 FTDI Drivers Installation Guide for Linux 2.1 All 07-06-2017
AN_221 Adding An ADC to the Raspberry Pi 1.0 Raspberry Pi 07-06-2017
AN_223 How to use the FT12 Series Device 1.1 FT120, FT121, FT122 02-02-2016
AN_225 FT12 Series Firmware Programming Guide 1.0 FT120, FT121, FT122 25-09-2012
AN_226 FT313H Programmer’s Guide 1.1 FT313H 01-11-2012
AN_233 Java D2XX for Android API User Manual 1.0 FT232R, FT245R, FT-X, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT2232D 05-02-2013
AN_236 User Guide for FT312D Configuration Utility 1.0 FT312D 25-04-2013
AN_241 AOA HyperTerm User Manual 1.0 FT311D/FT312D 03-05-2013
AN_242 FTDI UART Terminal User Manual 1.0 FT232R, FT245R, FT-X, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT2232D 24-06-2013
AN_243 FT312D USB Host to UART Cable Application 1.0 FT312D 21-05-2013
AN_250 AN_250 Configuring FT313H Driver for Embedded Linux 1.0 FT313H 01-11-2013
AN_255 AN_255_USB to I2C Example using the FT232H and FT201X devices 1.0 FT232H, FT201X 30-09-2013
AN_260 AN_260 IR Remote Control Implementation by Java D2XX 1.0 FT232R, FT245R, FT-X, FT2232H, FT4232H, FT2232D 25-09-2013
AN_302 AN_302 Comparison of Software features for FT313H and ST-Ericsson ISP1763 1.0 FT313H 04-03-2014
AN_323 VNC2 Host to Android Open Accessory and FT232 1.1 FT232 18-11-2015
AN_329 AN_329 User Guide for LibFT4222 1.8 FT4222H 12-03-2024
AN_355 FT232H MPSSE Example – I2C Master Interface with Visual Basic 1.1 FT232H 10-01-2020
AN_357 AN_357 Android D2XX Demo Application for FT4222H 1.0 FT4222H 21-01-2015
AN_370 AN_370 FT60X Configuration Programmer User Guide 1.5 FT60X 08-12-2017
AN_373 AN_373 Bit-Bang Modes for the FT-X Series 1.0 FT-X 17-05-2017
AN_375 AN_375 FT600 Data Loopback Application User Guide 1.0 FT600 03-09-2015
AN_376 AN_376 Xilinx FPGA FIFO master Programming Guide 1.0 FT60X 03-09-2015
AN_377 AN_377 Altera FPGA FIFO Master Programming Guide 1.0 FT600 03-09-2015
AN_379 AN_379 D3xx Programmers Guide 1.7 FT60x 28-03-2018
AN_386 FTDI FT600 Maximize Performance 1.0 FT60X Series 19-10-2015
AN_387 FT600 Data Streamer Application User Guide 1.0 FT600 19-10-2015
AN_394 User Guide for FT260 1.1 FT260 11-09-2018
AN_395 User Guide for LibFT260 1.3 FT260 18-04-2022
AN_399 FT260 HID over I2C 1.0 FT260 15-05-2018
AN_407 AN_407 D3XX NET Programmers Guide 1.0 FT60X Series 01-11-2016
AN_411 AN_411_FTx232H MPSSE I2C Master Example in Csharp 1.1 FT232H 04-10-2018
AN_412 AN_412 FT600/FT601 Bridge Chips Integration 1.1 FT60X Series 08-12-2017
AN_421 FIFO Bus Master For FT60x 1.3 FT60X Series 12-12-2017
AN_428 AN_428 D2XX EEPROM Programming Examples 1.0 FT232R, FT-X Series, FT232H, FT2232H and FT4232H 17-05-2017
AN_430 AN_430 FT60X PCB Layout Guidelines 1.0 FT60X Series 21-02-2017
AN_434 AN_434_FT602_UVC_Bus_Master_Sample 1.2 FT60X Series 08-12-2017
AN_435 AN_435_FT602_UVC_Chip_Configuration_Guide 1.2 FT60X Series 08-12-2017
AN_437 AN_437_FT602_I2C_User_Guide 1.0 FT60X Series 08-12-2017
AN_438 AN_438_FT260_I2C_Example_in_Csharp 1.0 FT260 12-05-2020
AN_444 AN_444_Using_the_FT260_with_Linux 1.0 FT260 28-04-2020
AN_445 Using FT4222H with Standard FTDI Devices 1.0 FT4222H 21-08-2023
AN_447 FT4222H Communication with Multi SPI Slaves 1.0 FT4222H 27-07-2023
AN_448 FT4233HP_FT2233HP_FT233HP Configuration Guide 1.2 FT233HP FT2233HP FT4233HP 06-05-2021
AN_449 FT4233HP FT2233HP FT233HP FT4232 HP FT2232HP FT232HP DCDC Power Delivery Application Note 1.2 FT232HP FT233HP FT2232HP FT2233HP FT4232HP FT4233HP 28-11-2023
AN_475 AN_475 FTDI Windows 10 IoT Solutions 1.0 FT4232H, FT800, VM800B 23-05-2016
AN_551 FT4232HP_FT2232HP_FT232HP Configuration Guide 1.1 FT232HP FT2232HP FT4232HP 28-11-2023
AN_552 Consistent COM Port Enumeration on Linux 1.0 FT232R, FT-X Series, FT232H, FT2232H and FT4232H 03-08-2023
AN_558 Migrating from FT2232D to
1.0 FT2232D FT2232H 23-12-2021
AN_559 Migrating from FT2xxB 1.0 FT232B and FT245B 30-05-2022
AN_560 Migrating from FT2xxR to FT2xxRN 1.2 FT232R, FT245R,
FT232RN, FT245RN
AN_561 Using Linux I2C Tools with HID FT260 1.0 FT260 27-11-2023


AN232R-01 Bit Bang Modes for the FT232R and FT245R 2.03 FT232R, FT245R 02-07-2018
AN232R-02 FTDIChip-ID? for the FT232R and FT245R 1.0 FT232R, FT245R 12-2005
AN232R-03 FTDI Windows Driver Pre-Installation 1.0 All FT devices 01-2006
AN232R-04 Windows Combined Driver Model 1.0 All FT devices 06-2006
AN2232-02 Bit Mode Functions for the FT2232 2.1 FT2232 10-2006
AN232B-01 FT232BM/FT245BM Bit-Bang Mode 1.0 FT2232, FT232B, FT245B
AN232B-02 FT232BM/FT245BM Power Control and Pin States 2.0 FT232B, FT245B
AN232B-03 Optimising D2XX Data Throughput 1.2 All FT devices 18-03-2024
AN232B-04 Data Throughput, Latency & Handshaking 1.2 All FT devices 18-03-2024
AN232B-05 Configuring FT232R, FT2232 and FT232BM Baud Rates 1.1 FT232R, FT2232, FT232B 02-2006
AN232B-06 Debugging FT232BM and FT245BM Based Designs 1.1 FT232B, FT245B 12-2004
AN232B-07 Configuring FTDI’s VCP Drivers to use Location IDs 1.2 All FT devices 02-2006
AN232B-08 Enumeration Options for Windows 98 1.0 FT232R, FT245R, FT2232, FT232B, FT245B 03-2004
AN232B-09 Using the Modem Emulation Mode in FTDI’s VCP Driver 2.0 All FT devices 05-2005
ANVNCL-01 ANVNC1L-01 Vinculum VNC1L Bootloader 1.2 VNC1L 11-2006
AN_VMusic VMusic SPI Application Note 1.01 VMusic2 02-06-2008
V-Eval USB Missile Launcher Application Note 1.0 V-Eval 20-03-2008
DG232 FT232BM Designers Guide 2.0 FT232B 19-05-2003
DG245 FT245BM Designers Guide 2.0 FT245B 19-05-2003


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