FTDI is hard at work in the Global Industry!

The applications below highlight the diverse roles FTDI ICs play in industrial settings, contributing to enhanced functionality, efficiency and automation in various systems and devices.

  • AI Control

On-Chip Neural Networks: Enable pattern recognition and decision-making in real time.

  • Data Cable

USB Power Delivery (PD): FTDI ICs can negotiate power requirements for faster charging and power delivery.

Embedded Electronics: FTDI ICs can be incorporated into connector housings for additional functionality.

  • Factory Testing/Programming

Data Acquisition Systems: FTDI ICs are used in monitoring and recording various parameters in a factory environment.

  • Industrial Camera

Image Sensor Interface: FTDI ICs are used to connect PCs with image sensors for data processing.

  • Industrial Control/Monitoring

Communication Protocols: FTDI ICs enables communication between different components in the system.

Sensor Integration: FTDI ICs can interface to other ICs with sensors for data acquisition.

  • Industrial PC:

I/O Controllers: FTDI ICs control input and output devices, managing communication with peripherals.

  • Industrial Robot:

Control Interface: FTDI ICs can be used for programming interfaces and control panels.

  • Lighting Control:

Communication Protocols: FTDI ICs enable communication between lighting control systems and devices.

  • Portable POS:

Communication Protocols: FTDI ICs enable communication between the POS device and payment networks.


FTDI USB interface ICs perform a key role of industrial control in a wide range of sectors, making it easier to design in efficiency, safety and improved performance of these systems.