This page contains a list of links to 3rd party technical resources on USB, RS232 and hardware/software related matters which may be of interest to the FTDI community. FTDI is not responsible for the content of these sites.

USB Implementers Forum

Visit the USB Implementers Forum (USB I.F.) – the official web site of the USB I.F.. Here you will find the latest USB specification, together with USB device class specifications, articles, events and trade show information.

There is a useful discussion forum on the USB I.F. website. Developers with technical questions on designing or implementing USB should visit the USB Developers Web Board.

USB and RS232 Technical References

Jan Axelson is a respected author of magazine articles and technical books including USB Complete and Serial Port Complete. Visit her LakeView Research web site for in-depth technical information explained in a clear and logical fashion. Jan is a frequent and valuable contributor to the USB Developers Web Board.

Vincent Le Mieux has authored a book in French entitled L’USB Pour Tous containing several sample projects including example code for VB.NET and even Excel.

PC Interfacing with USB by Peter Bates is part of the popular series of PC hardware books available from Babani Publishing. This provides a complete example of adding a USB interface to a project including programming and PCB design.

“Steuern und Messen mit USB – Hard und Software- entwicklung mit dem FT232, FT245 und FT2232” (Control and measurement with the FT232, FT245 and FT2232 USB-Controllers) by Bernhard Redemann is a book about basic input and output for the FTDI range of USB controllers (serial UART and parallel FIFO) and also includes a project using the MPSSE of the FT2232 to emulate I2C and a web project. The use of VCP and D2XX drivers is also described. Last but not least some USB theoretical basics and FAQs are included. The book has around 200 pages and is available in Germany at Segor electronics (

Serial Communication Application Programming References

Windows References

Serial Communications in Win32” by Allen Denver, Microsoft Windows Developer Support. This includes a download for the source code for the MTTTY multi-threaded communications program

“Create Communications Programs for Windows 95 with the Win32 COMM API” by Charles Mirho and Andy Terrice, Microsoft Systems Journal Dec 1994 – MSDN Library

Mac OS X References

Serial Programming for POSIX Operating Systems” by Michael R. Sweet

A sample Mac OS X project is available (based on Apple’s SerialPortSample) that demonstrates how to find a device, open, configure, read, write and close under Mac OS X. To download this example click here.


Amontec have designed a USB-JTAG interface based on the FT2232L device. The JTAGkey has application areas including:

On-Chip Debugging

In-System Programming

To learn more, visit

USB, Legacy, Embedded Linux, Device Drivers and More

The BeyondLogic website contains a wealth of information and articles dealing with USB and legacy interfaces, as well as sections dealing with Embedded Linux, useful links to Device Drivers and more.

Craig is also the author of a 30 page document “USB in a Nutshell“, a concise introduction and overview of the USB specification.

Instrument Control Software

Developing RS232/USB instruments and need to complete the package with some well thought out control software? Visit the TAL Technologies and discover their RS232 data acquisition software, serial and TCP/IP communications software, barcode software, bar code ActiveX, and bar-code generating DLLs.

USB Serial and Digital I/O

Sealevel Systems, founded in 1986, provides a variety of serial communications and digital I/O solutions. Their USB product line includes single and multi-port asynchronous serial devices that support RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485, and digital I/O devices that feature optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relay outputs, and TTL interfaces.

Sealevel also provides related software, technical support, long-term availability, and a lifetime warranty. They have become known for the ability to customize products for various unique applications and their commitment to exceptional quality and exemplary support has driven Sealevel Systems to a leading position in their industry.

Their URL is

Other Projects On Internet Using FTDI Devices