Quality Documents

The documents listed below provide a summary of FTDI Quality Documents.

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All quality documents are in PDF format and require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat or similar before they can be viewed.

Document Title ↓ Release Date 
FTDI Chip Counterfeit Statement 05-2014
FTDI ‘Conflict Minerals’ Statement 14-11-2011
FTDI End Of Life Policy 15-05-2015
FTDI EPA (TSCA) Statement 05-06-2023
FTDI IC Halogen Free Statement 13-12-2022
FTDI IC REACH Statement 18-03-2024
FTDI ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 26-01-2022
FTDI Kobe Steel Declaration Letter 14-11-2017
FTDI Mitsubishi Material Corporation Declaration Letter 17-01-2018
FTDI Non-IC Products REACH Statement 18-03-2024
FTDI Ozone Depleting Substances Statement 24-01-2024
FTDI PFOS Statement 30-01-2009
FTDI Product Life Cycle Policy 29-05-2009
FTDI Quality Policy 03-2015
FTDI Red Phosphorus Statement 07-06-2023
FTDI RoHS Compliance Statement – Cables 03-05-2024
FTDI RoHS Compliance Statement – IC Devices 03-05-2024
FTDI RoHS Compliance Statement – Modules 03-05-2024
FTDI Statement on California Proposition 65 24-01-2024
Sony Green Partner Certificate 24-09-2010