Quality Documents

The documents listed below provide a summary of FTDI Quality Documents. To view a data sheet, click on the document title. To save a copy of a data sheet, right-click on the document title and choose “Save Target As…”.

All of the data sheets are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed before they can be viewed.

Document Title Release Date
FTDI Product Life Cycle Policy 29-05-2009
FTDI PFOS Statement 30-06-2009
Sony Green Partner Certificate 24-09-2010
FTDI ‘Conflict Minerals’ Statement 14-11-2011
FTDI Chip Counterfeit Statement 05-2014
FTDI Quality Policy 05-2015
FTDI End Of Life Policy 15-05-2015
FTDI Ozone Depleting Substances Statement 10-05-2016
FTDI Kobe Steel Declaration Letter 14-11-2017
FTDI Mitsubishi Material Corporation Declaration Letter 17-01-2018
FTDI ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 26-01-2022
FTDI IC Halogen Free Statement 13-12-2022
FTDI Statement on California Proposition 65 11-05-2023
FTDI EPA (TSCA) Statement 05-06-2023
FTDI Red Phosphorus Statement 07-06-2023
FTDI IC REACH Statement 30-08-2023
FTDI Non-IC Products REACH Statement 30-08-2023
FTDI RoHS Compliance Statement – Cables
FTDI RoHS Compliance Statement – IC Devices
FTDI RoHS Compliance Statement – Modules