Revving up Innovation in the Automotive World!

At the heart of every cutting-edge vehicle are advanced semiconductor chips that power the future of mobility. From enhancing safety features to optimizing performance, these chips are the unsung heroes of automotive innovation.


Explore FTDI Automotive Chips:


  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems):

Elevate safety with features like collision detection and lane-keeping assistance


  • Car Diagnostics Device:

Power the interface and processing capabilities for diagnostic tools


  • EV Charger:

Regulate and control the flow of power during charging


  • Smart Cockpit Domain Controller:

Integrates multiple functions, such as infotainment, climate control, and navigation


  • TBOX (Telematics-Box): 

Provide location information for tracking and navigation


  • Vehicle Computer: 

Powers the main computing functions of the vehicle


  • Vehicle Radar: 

Enabling smart functionalities like parking assistance and adaptive cruise control


As the automotive industry accelerates into the future, FTDI chips play a crucial role in shaping the driving experience.