When using VDAP/V2DAP or VDPS/V2DPS, What is the correct format for the WRF arguments and following data?

It’s recommended to specify the data type prior to writing data to a file with WRF.  If ASCII (IPA) is selected, then each character is changed to its ASCII value and sent to the file – RED text is sent to the VNC1L or VNC2 monitor: IPA<CR>  D:\> OPW TEST.TXT<CR>  D:\>  WRF 4<CR> TESTD:\> CLF TEST.TXT<CR> D:\>. When HEX (IPH) input values are used, then hex values are sent, usually with the short command set (SCS).  Note that the number of bytes specified with WRF (0x08) is a double-word (4-bytes): IPH<CR> D:\> SCS<CR> D:\> 09 20 54 45 53 54 2E 54 53 53 0D     3E     08 20 00 00 00 04 0D      54 45 53 54 3E     0A 20 54 45 53 54 2E 54 53 53 0D     3E. When testing command sequences with a terminal program, select one that can send hex values directly, such as CoolTerm (http://freeware.the-meiers.org/#CoolTerm).