Vinculum VNC1L Application & Utilities

The following page contains sample applications and utilities designed for use with the first generation Vinculum VNC1L USB Host / Slave controller.

VEVAL Utility for V-Eval

Program for use with the V-Eval development board.  Can be used as a terminal application, for reprogramming the VNC1L and for monitoring data sent to and from the VNC1L UART.

NOTE: the FT2232 device on the V-Eval board requires FTDI’s CDM drivers

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VNC_PROG Programmer for VPROG1

Multi-threaded program for use with the VPROG1 programmer board.  Can be used to program up to 10 VNC1 devices at a time with a specified firmware library.

NOTE: the FT232R device on the VPROG1 board requires FTDI’s CDM drivers

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Vinculum Firmware Customiser (V1.1b)

Application to modify firmware default behaviour such as default Baud rate or set short command set.  A user manual is also available.

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Application to play music through a VMUSIC1 module (requires TTL-232R-3V3)

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