UART Terminal Application

FTDI have released a UART Terminal application based on their JAVA D2XX driver for use on the Android platform. This application supports all the FTDI to UART devices such as FT230X, FT231X, FT234XD, FT232R and FT232H. The application will allow for configuring the UART interface and transferring data in or out of the Android device.

The application is available from the Google play store here with a user manual, AN_242 available here. Source code is available here (v1.6).

Alternatively the apk (v1.6) may be downloaded here for direct installation.

Previous apk (v1.1), (v1.3) , (v1.4) and (v1.5).

Previous source code (v1.1), (v1.3), (v1.4) and (v1.5).