SafeGuard-IT Projects

SafeGuard-IT is an ActiveX control for Windows which works with the FT232R and FT245R devices to provide security dongle functionality.  The SafeGuard-IT component works by exploiting the FTDIChip-ID feature of the FT232R and FT245R ICs together with an asymmetric public-private key encryption scheme.

The SafeGuard-IT security scheme works as follows:

Generate a public-private key pair using the SafeGuard-IT control.  These keys should be saved to files.

Encrypt the FTDIChip-ID using the private key and an optional password.  This encrypted information is then stored in the on-chip EEPROM.

Distribute the programmed FT245R (or FT245R) with the application software.  The Safeguard-IT DLL file and the public key are also required by the application software.

When the application software is loaded, it can use the SafeGuard-IT control to verify that the required FT245R (or FT245R) device is connected to the client PC.  This can be used to prevent software from running if a licensed dongle is not connected.

The SafeGuard-IT ActiveX control is available as a free download with example code in various languages.

A programmer’s guide is also available.

The USB-Key is compatible with the new ActiveX control for security applications.