Code Examples

Delphi Examples

This page contains examples of communicating with FTDI devices through the D2XX drivers and FTD2XX.DLL using Delphi.

Additional Delphi examples for the MPSSE mode of the FT2232C device can be found on our MPSSE Projects page.


The Delphi examples posted on this page use a unit to interface to the D2XX DLL.  To download the unit (D2XXUnit.pas), click here.

Please note that the code examples below may already contain a unit called D2XXUnit.pas.  There may be small differences between the current D2XXUnit.pas file and the ones distributed with the examples.

Example 1

This application software example illustrates how to integrate D2XX drivers into a Borland Delphi Project.  This example was developed using Delphi 5 and shows how to use functions such as FT_ListDevices, FT_OpenEx and FT_SetBaudRate.

To download this example, click here.

Example 2

This example demonstrates how to use the CBUS Bit Bang mode of the FT232R device.  Please note that the CBUS pins must be configured in the integrated EEPROM before they can be used for CBUS Bit Bang mode.  FTDI’s D2XX drivers must also be installed for the application to run.

To download this example, click here.