Android JAVA D2XX Examples

The Android Java D2XX driver allows access to FTDI peripheral devices on Android platforms with a USB host port. This native JAVA driver does not require the Android platform to be rooted and may be used with Android version 3.2 onwards.

Example 1 – Basic calls

In this example all the Java D2xx calls are exercised allowing the application to detect, open and configure a device.

Data can be read or written to a device, with EEPROM access also demonstrated.

Source code and a precompiled APK file may be downloaded from here:

TN 147 Java D2XX for Android Demo Source

Java D2XX Update including FT4222H support

The highly popular Java D2XX driver supporting FTDI bridge chips has been updated to include support and examples for the recently launched FT4222H device.

A new download is available – here.

TN_147 provides details on the basic driver with some example code, while AN_357 is added to the documentation library for FT4222H support.