Vinculum-II (VNC2) Development Tools

Product contains listing of development tools and utilities to aid application development on the Vinculum family of USB Host/Slave controller products.

Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.2, V2.0.2-SP2 and V2.0.2-SP3

FTDI is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.2 of the Vinculum II (VNC2) toolchain, comprising the VNC2 Integrated Development Environment, compiler tools, debugger, kernel, device drivers, libraries and sample code.

This update fixes bugs in the compiler tools and the Integrated Development Environment. The firmware libraries are moved from the default location of the system “Program Files” area to the “ProgramData” area.

Download Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.2

Download Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.2-SP2

Download Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.2-SP3

Note: If SP2/3 patches are to be applied successfully, 2.0.2 needs to be installed.

Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.0 and V2.0.0-SP1

The service pack for the version 2.0.0 of the Vinculum II (VNC2) development toolchain is available below. It provides improvements to the USBHost, USBSlave and VOS kernel while fixing bugs with USBHostHID and FAT file system. It must be installed after the V2.0.0 toolchain.

The V2.0.0 toolchain provides improved performance and reliability over previous versions and includes the following new features over previous versions and includes the following features:

  • Code editor component in the VinIDE development environment.
  • Improvements to the debugging interface, including better flash programming and debugging performance.
  • The information provided in the watch windows has been improved to show addresses of variables as well as values stored.
  • A build tool called VinBuild.exe which will compile VNC2 project files.
  • Incremental improvements and bug fixes to the other toolchain components and firmware libraries.

Download Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.0

Download Vinculum II Toolchain V2.0.0-SP1

Other Vinculum-II Toolchain Downloads

Vinculum-II Utilities 1.2.0

New utilities available for use with Vinculum-II (VNC2) ICs. The utilities include a new terminal application for the V2-EVAL board. The utility enables users to communicate and control functions on the VNC2 based V2-EVAL board. Instructions on how to use the V2-EVAL terminal utility are available on V2-EVAL data sheet.

Download Vinculum-II Utilities

VNC_PROG Programmer for VPROG1

Multi-threaded program for use with the VPROG1 programmer boar. Can be used to program up to 10 VNC2 devices at a time with a specified firmware file.

Note:  The FT232R device on the VPROG1 board requires FTDI’s CDM drivers.

Download VNC_PROG