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Power Delivery Chip

Hi-Speed single/dual/quad USB UART IC`s with Integrated Power Delivery

FTDI’s first Hi-Speed USB device with a Type-C controller that fully supports the latest USB Type-C and Power Delivery standards enabling support for power negotiation with the ability to sink or source current to a USB host device.

The Type-C/PD controller supports 2 Type-C ports, with PD1 configurable as a power sink or dual role, and PD2 functioning as power sink, suitable in charging applications.

The Quad USB bridge function delivers 4 independent channels comparable with the FT4232H – Quad Hi-speed USB to multipurpose UART/MPSSE solution.

Available in Pb-free (RoHS compliant) 76-pin QFN package

  • USB Bridge with Type-C/PD3.0 (chargers and devices).
  • High-power consumption via USB PD and/or Type-C port.
  • Get power from USB device functions, e.g. portable USB host needs charging when USB is connected.
  • Single chip USB to four channels UART (RS232, RS422 or RS485) or Bit-Bang interfaces.
  • Single chip USB to 2 JTAG channels plus 2 UARTS.
  • Single chip USB to 1 JTAG channel plus 3 UARTS.
  • Single chip USB to 1 SPI channel plus 3 UARTS.
  • Single chip USB to 2 SPI channels plus 2 UARTS.
  • Single chip USB to 2 Bit-Bang channels plus 2 UARTS.
  • Single chip USB to 1 SPI channel, plus 1 JTAG channel plus 2 UARTS.
  • Single chip USB to 2 I2C channels plus 2 UARTS.
  • Numerous combinations of 4 channels.
  • Upgrading Legacy Peripheral Designs to USB.
  • Field Upgradable USB Products.
  • Cellular and cordless phone USB data transfer
    cables and interfaces.
  • Interfacing MCU / PLD / FPGA based designs to
  • PDA to USB data transfer.
  • USB Smart Card Readers.
  • USB Instrumentation.
  • USB Industrial Control.
  • USB FLASH Card Reader / Writers.
  • Set Top Box PC – USB interface.
  • USB Digital Camera Interface.
  • USB bar Code Readers.

EVE BT817/8 Chip

Our newly added BT817 and BT818 series represent the company’s fourth generation of EVE products, and follow the already established mantra of helping those with little or no relevant prior experience to build advanced HMIs with high degrees of differentiation.

These new functionally-superior graphic controller ICs are intended for use in retail, digital signage and office management systems, as well as public information units, vending machines, domestic appliances, store/mall direction finding systems, training/educational equipment and interactive exhibits. They are able to address the requirements of HMIs rendered on much larger format displays and offer greater resolution levels too.

  • Point of Sales Machines
  • Multi-function Printers
  • Instrumentation
  • Home Security Systems
  • Graphic touch pad – remote, dial pad
  • Tele / Video Conference Systems
  • Phones and Switchboards
  • Medical Appliances
  • Blood Pressure displays
  • Heart monitors
  • Glucose level displays
  • Breathalyzers
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Power meter
  • Home appliance devices
  • Set-top box
  • Thermostats
  • Sprinkler system displays
  • Medical Appliances
  • GPS / Satnav
  • Vending Machine Control Panels
  • Elevator Controls

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